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"I really enjoyed my time here and learned a lot to help me in the future. Staff was excellent, and my time could not have been more enjoyable. I felt comfortable throughout my treatment. This program exceeded my expectations. Thank you all for all that you gave." – Male, 28, Outpatient

April 2017

"My therapist was amazing! She really puts her whole heart into her job. She's also very comforting.” – Female, 34, Outpatient

"The staff was all outstanding with their care, compassion, empathy, advice, understanding, programs, and therapy/art therapy. They were crucial in my recovery. Our original group was great too." – Female, 62, Outpatient

"I thought when arriving that there was no hope. But after giving the program a chance, I'm leaving feeling like a new chapter has started in my life and am overall fulfilled." –Female, 37, Mental Wellness

"I feel like I have a new chance at living life the best way possible." – Male, 22, Mental Wellness

"The staff here is wonderful, caring, and nonjudgmental. This was important to me and my recovery." – Male, 29, Mental Wellness

March 2017

"The staff was incredible. I couldn't ask for better care by anyone. My therapist played a huge role in reassuring me that I am very capable of success." – Male, 34, Addiction Recovery

"I would like to say that I enjoyed the staff very much. They understand what the patients are going through, and they also care." – Female, 40, Addiction Recovery

"My ratings of excellent were not just random choices to fill a blank. I really believe this program has not only saved my life but prepared me to live it sober and without the use of any other mind-altering chemicals." – Male, 55, Addiction Recovery

"Although I am nervous to move on, I look forward to seeing what IOP brings. I love the progress that this facility has helped me achieve." – Female, 27, Outpatient

February 2017

"My experience here was eye opening. Thank you for the care I received. I plan on doing service work to help my recovery." – Male, 36, Addiction Recovery

"I appreciate all the confidence that the staff and groups gave me." – Male, 55, Addiction Recovery

"The care I received was amazing. Everyone on my treatment team helped me more than they will ever know and were so very helpful, compassionate, and caring. Thank you!" – Female, 39, Outpatient

"I want to thank the staff and nurses for helping me in my recovery. I've also made life-long friends that I consider family! Y'all are amazing here. I love my therapist and plan on working towards my 30-day chip for AA. I was recommend by others to come here, and I’m so glad I did." – Female, 20, Mental Wellness

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